The Acorn Exchange; where the food and beverage are so good, you’ll go NUTS!

We are professionals in the service industry who truly enjoy providing high quality, delicious food combinations at your pace. We appreciate you have chosen us to provide you with a completely deliciously enjoyable experience!


  • Since everything at Acorn Exchange is delicious, it’s hard to find a favorite. I especially love their homemade focaccia bread and cookies (try them all!) Their new item –macaroni and cheese– is is really good. Add bacon to it and you will say MMMM!


  • These guys make some great food and are always the friendliest when I stop in. The Chicken Salad sandwich is so good! What really makes it amazing, and makes many of their sandwiches amazing is the focaccia bread. The texture and taste are fantastic and I crave this/these sandwiches often!


  • I may have just eaten the most delicious sandwich I have ever had!!!!! Wowie! Wonderful food! Great menu! Fantastic food preparers!!!